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Behind the Scenes

Whether it is about capturing that elusive backstage moment in the nick of time, or creating a promo image or an album cover that best portrays your band's ideas, we can provide the highest quality product every time.

Our World

The amazing world around us, its magnificent landscapes and beautiful creatures are a constant inspiration to us. For more on the travels that brought about these images, scroll to the travelogue below.

Music Videos

We create original music videos tailored to the image you want to convey of your band and are happy to help you present your identity through the art of moving images.

Madhouse Travel

Madhouse Travel blogs on some of the worlds' most sought after destinations. Travel with us in style and join us on adventures from the mountains to the seas - this blog is filled with grand overviews and tips on great holiday destinations.

Trekking through Dana Valley Jordan


Madhouse Heaven are Isabella Chen and Danijel Mihajlović. Contact us if you're interested in working with us, or would simply like to get to know use better. We do photo and video work for events, bands, products, food, real-estate, lifestyle, fitness and fashion.

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